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This lovely girl came from a foreign sanctuary in September 2021 after being found on the streets with her litter of puppies. After spending some time with one of our fantastic foster carers, Rosie was adopted in early October.

“Thank you so much for our wonderful Rosie. Our little flower has truly blossomed since joining our family five weeks ago. She is an absolute sweetheart and has brought us so much happiness.

From the very start, she was the sweetest natured little girl, craving affection but initially just too frightened to receive it. She spent the first couple of weeks testing out the sofas and did a lot of sleeping which was good as it helped her unwind and get used to us being about. It was wonderful when she began to relax and we began to see the real Rosie. We were so happy when she felt confident enough to have a roll in the garden When she found a twig to play with and her first attack of the zoomies was pure delight!

Rosie loves her walks, has spotted (and pursued!) every squirrel in Hampshire and is straight into every river we come across! We’ve bought the longest stretchy lead available to give her as much freedom as possible … as recall seems to be a little lacking and dependent totally on there being no distractions!

Her coat is growing through beautifully and she now enjoys being brushed which is a great relief. We’ve kept her name as it fitted our family perfectly. It was my mother’s name and is my middle name and my daughter’s middle name!
Best wishes and our thanks to you all at Dogs Friends”