About This Project

Breed: Cross

Age:     10

Donation: £150


Roxy is just 10 years old (born 17 June 2010), neutered. She endured a very challenging life with a substance abuser. She has made amazing progress with two girl fosterers, who have provided rules and boundaries and  in return received unconditional love. When she went into foster, she was wary of people, but now she welcomes them into the house and once she is introduced properly is an absolute sucker for smooths and attention.  But when she is on her lead,  she can still feel vulnerable and be reactive and unpredictable with some dogs. She loves to play and go for walks. Her fosterers will soon have to return to work after lockdown and hope that Roxy can move on to a forever home where she can have the love and life she so much deserves.  Her foster carers say “she is a simply wonderful dog with a great personality and a lot of love to give and any family would be lucky to have her.”