Roxy, Lulu and Mystee

About This Project

Roxy, Lulu and Mystee

Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 6/7 years old

Donation: £250 each


  • They will need to learn how to live in a home
  • They need patient, kind, and understanding owners
  • They are all nervous but people and dog friendly
    Roxy, Lulu and Mystee are all medium-sized, lovely middle-aged girls. They have been waiting their whole lives since they were young puppies, in a foreign dog sanctuary, for someone to offer them their own homes. Finally, after many years, they have come over to us so we can find them homes.

    All three are such good girls. It must be incredibly worrying and confusing to them to have left their previous home – which is all they have ever known. They are being so very brave. They have spent their time in quarantine whilst we awaited their blood tests. These were negative so they have come to us know so we can find them great homes.

    Roxy is very friendly though worried about being in a house. Undoubtedly, she will become used to things and soon start to love the luxury.

    Mystee is the litter sister of Poppy, who lived with us a few months ago. She is the most confident and lovely but will need time to get used to going into a house and being a pet dog.

    Mystee has now been adopted.


    Lulu is quiet, kind and gentle. She also will need to be given time and understanding to get used to living in a home.

    Lulu has now been adopted.


    New owners for any of these girls will need to be gentle, kind and patient and willing to put the time and work into helping these girls to become family pets.

    If you are considering applying to adopt Roxy, Lulu or Mystee, please ensure you have thoroughly read their profile – any applications that do not meet their home specification will not be considered. Applicants must be willing to attend a meet and greet. A home check and vet reference (where applicable) will be conducted.