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“Sage is doing absolutely brilliant in his new surroundings with us. We have had him for 6 weeks now. We had some little problems the first 2 days he was growling and snarling at us, but he has been moved from one place to another and not had a very good life chained up for 5 years. But he has overcome that.

Sage loves to thieve clean washing haha! Sage has learnt a couple of commands from us like sit and down and if he is pulling on the lead I tell him to stop and he does and then I say OK and he carries on walking.

Sage loves playing in the garden and he now plays with soft toys as well. He got very vocal after a week and now climbs on the chair and looks out the window and barks basically at anything that moves. Sage’s elbows and tail are now better and the problem he had with his eye is now better. Sage has adapted well and now taken over the house like it his, aww bless him.

Sage is a big gentle giant and we love him so much. He loves being groomed and likes me to play with him and chase him. He is now fully insured for life and he has got his health plan with my vet. I could go on and on about him, he is so clever, and he does some funny things.

Thank you for letting us adopt Sage he has filled our lives with happiness and joy, and he has found his forever home with us.”