About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed (Terrier sized)

Age: 3 years old old

Donation: £350


  • Sally can live with other dogs
  • Sally may be okay with older kids
  • Sally can live with cats
    Sally is one of a recent group of dogs over from Romania. They unfortunately have been confined in the holding kennels due to an outbreak of kennel cough. Because of this, they haven’t been able to come to our kennels and be fully assessed so we don’t have a lot of detail about the personalities of these dogs.

    In kennels, Sally has shown herself to be sweet and gentle. She is a little timid but generally people-friendly.

    She is unlikely to have ever lived in a home so adopters will need to be understanding and patient when introducing her to pet life.

    Update: Sally has now moved to a foster home. She is loving the comforts of a warm home and enjoys lounging around in front of the fire after a play in a field! Sally is currently living with cats, hens and other dogs with no problems.