Sally and Wincy

About This Project


Breed: Cocker Spaniel and Terrier

Age: 13 and 3 years old

Donation: £200 for Sally, £300 for Wincy or £400 for both

  • Wincy would like to live with another dog which could be Sally
  • Sally and Wincy may be able to live with children
  • Sally and Wincy may be able to live with cats if carefully introduced


Sally is a small Cocker Spaniel (8.5kg) who arrived with her friend Wincy a couple of weeks ago. Sally is said to be 13 but seems a little younger. She had a breeding career before becoming a pet dog, but she is still not entirely used to living in a house. She is very friendly and affectionate and will make a wonderful companion. Wincy is 3. She is a little shy to begin but simply a heartwarmer and a nosey parker! They are friends and share a basket, so it would be lovely if they could be adopted together but it is not essential. We feel Sally could be an only dog, provided she has company most of the time. Wincy would probably be happier if she has some canine as well as human company – she likes to cuddle up to Sally!
They have both just been spayed and have recovered well. Sally has another operation coming up, but both are available now.
They have not been cat or children tested, though they have seen (and been polite to) a cat in the street. It is difficult to believe they would not be good with everybody, though smaller children might not be suitable.