About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 4 years old (DOB 08/2017)

Donation: £300

Background – Sam arrived in rescue in 2019 and was quickly adopted but sadly his guardians are no longer able to care for him and so we are looking for a new home as soon as possible.

Type of home – Sam would benefit from a fairly active home as he is used to walking for an hour per day, with sensible guardians who are able to continue his training and invest time in helping him to live a happy life. Sam is accepting of being left for short periods of time as long as he is in one room of the house.

People – Sam is affectionate and adores people – he is very accepting of visitors and can be a very cuddly boy!

Children – Outside of the house Sam sees children and enjoys receiving affection. Due to Sam’s training needs, he can live with older children.

Dogs and cats – Sam is used to going for group walks with other dogs and he really enjoys this. Sam can be lead reactive but is used to walking off lead and interacts better this way. Sam could live with other dogs providing the adopters are able to manage very gradual introductions in the home, are aware of Sam’s ongoing training needs and are able to give both dogs space from each other when required. Sam is not cat tested.

Outside of the house – Sam loves to sniff on his walks and is a very good boy off the lead with great recall.

Training needs – Sam does resource guard around people and dogs – this manifests in growling when he has a high-value treat or toys or other items he perceives as valuable. This has never resulted in a bite as Sam’s guardians use distraction techniques to resolve the situation. Our trainer will be able to provide ongoing support with this.

Adoption – Sam is currently still in his guardians home and next week will be with a sitter, so we are hoping to facilitate a home from home adoption to minimise Sam’s stress. Sam is currently based in Collumpton and applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check, vet reference check (where applicable) and a visit Sam in his home.