About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 4  (DoB 24th August 2016)

Donation: £300 (£500 as a pair with Sonia)

Samson arrived a few weeks ago with his best (and for him, life long) friend Sonya and has proven to be a favourite with the team. He is a super sweet and affectionate 4 year old boy, who loves being around people and other dogs.  Despite being a Beagle, when off lead he just wants to be next to you, or play with the other dogs and does not show typical Beagle behaviours. Ideally we would love him to find a home with Sonya, however believe that he would be happy in a home where people are at home the majority of the time and/or have another dog for company.

His history is quite unknown, but we believe that he has lived in an outside kennel. This means his new owners would need to be calm and patient with toilet training, along with setting house rules and boundaries as he loves to explore and climb on his sofa.