About This Project


Breed: Deerhound Cross

DOB: 23/05/2022

Donation: £350


Background – Sammy is an adorable 10 month old puppy  who was found straying in Bridgwater – unclaimed by his owners despite being chipped.  He is a very handsome long haired lurcher, approximately 22 kgs – although he will of course have some growing to do! Sammy’s foster family have been caring for him since January and they say they could not have had a sweeter dog.

Character – Sammy loves people – all people!  He wants to cuddle and hug everyone, and given half a chance will curl up on your lap.  We have been working with him to stop him jumping up and to be less excitable, but he is a puppy – full of energy and fun.  Due to his excitement, we would not recommend young children or elderly owners, as he might easily knock them over.

Type of home – He loves dogs and it is absolutely essential that he has a doggie friend as he does have a touch of separation anxiety – no doubt as a result of being abandoned and left to fend on his own when so young.  However, with our dog (large lab size), he has been really content, and loves to play bitey ear all day long.  Older dogs might find this a bit much, so a young brother or sister would be perfect.

Training needs – Sammy is very bright and trainable.  He knows sit, down and out and is learning more each day.  We would recommend more training though as he does still pull on his lead.

Adoption – Sammy is in foster care in South Gloucestershire and applicants must be able to meet him here.