Sarah & Diana

About This Project

Sarah & Diana

Breed: Cavapoochon

Age: 2  1/2  

Donation: £400 each (£700 for the pair)


      • Sarah and Diana need to live with another dog
      • Sarah and Diana have experience of children and cats


    Sarah and Diana are litter sisters, difficult to believe, but Sarah has recently been shaved and it may well be that Diana will follow suit when she visits the groomer! They are Cavapoochons (Dad is a poodle and Mum is a Cavalier x Bichon) about 2 ½ years old. They arrived a few days ago after retiring from breeding, a bit nervous and wary of the big wide world but are settling quickly and proving a lively and beautiful pair. A couple of good ‘uns! They have always had a lot of canine company so they should live with another dog – it would be nice if they could stay together, but this is not essential.