About This Project


Breed: Labrador

DOB: 7 years

Donation: £350


  • Can live with other dogs 
  • Can live with children 12+ 
  • Not fully cat tested 



Scooby arrived in our care when his elderly owners were unable to look after him. Unfortunately he had been spending most of his time crated so he had a lot of pent up energy, although he is a calm boy now. 


Scooby is a happy, friendly and fun dog who loves people but is equally happy to explore independently. He also loves to play with his ball!

With other animals:

Scooby has been tested with other dogs here and has been a really good boy – he responds nueturally to other dogs and we think he’d be just fine living with a calm and friendly dog. Scooby did meet cats and didn’t seem overly bothered but we aren’t sure how he’d respond if they started running! 

Type of home:

Scooby is a medium-energy pooch who likes his walks so a fairly active home is best for him. Scooby has never lived with children before but is friendly, so could live with older, sensible children subject to successful introductions. 

Training needs:

Scooby is very strong on the lead so aside from needing a physically able/strong handler, he needs further training with this. He does also scent mark a lot and so will need ongoing work and management around this in his new home. 

Adoption information: 

Scooby is a resident at our kennels near Wells and applicants will need to come and meet him here.