Scruffy – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: Young – see notes 

Donation: £300


    • Scruffy can live with or without dogs
    • Scruffy can live with children aged 8 and over
    • Scruffy cannot live with cats or any other small furies 


Background – Scruffy came to us in December 2021 and was adopted, but very sadly was completely unexpectedly returned to our care in July 2022. Scruffy was very confused when he arrived back in the kennels and was desperately trying to scratch his way out – obviously wondering why he was back with us! Scruffy has some ‘flaws’ which we will be very honest about – we truly believe that these are completely manageable things.

Character – Scruffy is currently a confused little soul, but the one thing that continues to shine through is his wonderful nature. A happy little soul who loves people – we really couldn’t fault him and everyone who has met him so far says what a fantastic little chap he is.

Type of home – Scruffy would like a home with people who understand the needs of his breed – he is a terrier who will do terrier things! Scruffy would like to be a companion pooch with someone who is around for most of the day (he can be left for a snooze for short periods though) but who has plenty of time for long walks! Due to his prey drive, a home without small furries or very close to livestock will be best for this boy.

Outside of the house – One of Scruffy’s issues is that he has a high prey drive (no surprise, he is a terrier) – this can be directed towards both small furry’s and livestock such as sheep. This is so easily managed by avoiding getting up close with such animals and keeping Scruffy on a lead when on walks. Scruffy’s recall is a little useless, but again easily managed using a longline when safe to do so, or keeping him on the lead.

Scruffy does pull quite hard on the lead when he wants to get to something so you must be physically fit enough to hold him. and also be willing to work on training for this. Scruffy has always been fine with other dogs but on a couple of occasions in his adoptive home he joined in with the other dogs reactivity. Scruffy has been 100% fine with all other dogs in our kennels (even those with bad manners!), and is happily living with a big bouncy Labrador called Otis in foster care. We therefore have no concerns rehoming him with other dogs as he truly believe that the incidents reported were Scruffy having a natural response to the behaviours of the other dog he was being walked with.

Health – Scruffy does have an under-active thyroid, but don’t let this put you off – it’s managed with twice daily tablets which cost around £20 per month. Scruffy takes these tablets in his food just fine! Scruffy is up to date with everything else such as neutering and vaccinations and is a hardy little boy. When Scruffy arrived at Dogs Friends, he was reported to be 2 years old, however our vets later estimated he could be as old as 6 years.

Adoption – Firstly, please do not apply to adopt Scruffy unless you are 100% committed to providing a home for life – this little dog cannot be let down again. Scruffy is in foster care in South Gloucestershire and applicants must be ready to go through the adoption process swiftly (no upcoming holidays etc) – the shortlisted applicant will need to visit Scruffy in his foster placement and also be willing to take him on at least two walks with one of our volunteers so you can see exactly how his behaviour outside of the house manifests.

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