About This Project


Age: 2 years

Breed: Sprocker

Donation: £350

  • Can live with children
  • Can live with cats
  • Could live with other dogs
  • Can not live with livestock


Scrumpy is coming to us from a loving family home who are no longer in a position to care for more than 1 dog or provide enough excercise and training.


Scrumpy is a loyal and loving dog with a big heart. He is bouncy and energetic and happiest running at 200 miles an hour in a secure field. He is intelligent and shows signs that he would have made an excellent working dog.

He is friendly and loving and makes a wonderful companion.

Type of home

Scrumpy would be best suited to a dog savvy, active home. He is young and would benefit from regular excercise and training. He would make the perfect exploring buddy as he is always up for an adventure!

He has an exceptional skill set as an escape artist, and because of this, his new home will need to have secure garden/s with 6ft barrier, as well as suitable barriers at entrances/exits to the home.
Ideally the home will be in a seculded area away from main roads and livestock.

Scrumpy has grown up in a family home and can hapily live with very young children, another dog and kittens/cats.
He is very friendly and submissive when meeting other dogs.
He may be best suited to a home with slightly older children who could support in his training and excercise requirements, but is equally suitable to a home with young children if the household can dedicate time to him.

Training needs

As indicated above, Scrumpy has managed to escape his home on a few occassions and will require dedicated supervision when allowed into the garden and near entrances to the home. He is an intelligent breed that requires stimulation and excercise, for this reason we feel that in the right home he will flourish and exhibit less of this undesirable behaviour.
In being rehomed, Scrumpy is being separated from his partner-in-crime at his current home, so he may be less inclined to wander when paired with another resident dog.
In return for this dedication, scrumpy will bring his new family never ending loyalty and fun!


Scrumpy is currently looking for a suitable foster home, if you feel you could provide a perfect foster home, please first review our Fostering informaton pack here, then contact us via our Foster application form here.