Sebastian – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Lurcher

Age: 14 weeks

Donation: £350


  • Can live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested, no cats
  • Can live with children 8+


Background: Seb was found as a stray, with his brother – he was terrified and in very poor condition, with bad skin and very underweight. He was taken into kennels and then fostered shortly afterwards.

Character: We don’t know exactly what happened to Seb, but when he first arrived, he was very vocal towards other dogs and humans, due to being terrified of them. However, since doing lots of socialising and exposure training with other friendly dogs, he has completely transformed! He is now happy to engage with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and just wants to play. He is excellent with other dogs in the home and shows typical puppy behaviour when he is around them. With more work and plenty more treats and praise when out and about, Seb will blossom into a beautiful dog.

Seb is very cuddly and loves to snuggle on the sofa in the evenings. Equally, he is also very good at taking himself to his bed and keeping himself entertained with a teething bone, or his cuddly bear. He is eager to learn and already knows a few basic commands, such as ‘sit’ and ‘wait’. Being extremely food-motivated he has so far been easy to train. He can be left at home for a couple of hours with no problems. He is currently teething, so it is important to have a toy to hand when playing and stroking, to divert his puppy chewing away from your own limbs!

As Seb is still a very young puppy, he will need more training to help him learn how to be an adult dog. At the moment, he needs plenty of mental stimulation with lots of play to keep him occupied. He loves playing fetch and messing around with his human on the floor, with his toys. He cannot walk very far at the moment (5 minutes for every month of age), but when he grows up, he will need plenty more, about an hour a day or a couple of walks.

Seb has had a number of car journeys, including one of about 1hr15mins. He has a tendency to be car sick on winding lanes, but was absolutely fine on the long motorway journey, with no accidents. Careful driving to start with is a must, to build up his confidence in the car and ensure he isn’t sick. A boot liner and towels are vital!

Dogs and cats: After a lot of work in foster care, Seb is now generally good with other dogs. He sometimes still barks a little, but as soon as he meets another dog up close and realises they aren’t out to hurt him, he relaxes and wants to have fun. It will be very important that this socialising, rewarding good behaviour and calm greetings with other dogs, continues at his adoptive home.

In the home, Seb would be able to live with other dogs, especially those who are tolerant to his puppy antics. Seb will not be rehomed with cats but has been introduced to chickens and pigs, but only when there was a wire fence between them.

Ideal home: Seb needs a family/couple/owner who understand his breed and can carry on his training with dedication, to bring out his full potential. He has been introduced to one child of about 11 years old and has seen other younger and older children at a distance in the park. With careful introductions and close supervision, Seb could be introduced to any child in the home. He has so far been very gentle and inquisitive in his foster home.

Seb can be left for a couple of hours, but as he is a puppy, he must have company throughout the day. He is still on four meals a day due to his weight, so being able to facilitate this is vital. It will be important to continue reinforcing his toilet training to cement these habits. Regular prompting is needed and always before bed to ensure a dry night.

Seb is currently walked on the lead and shows no desire to pull at all. In the future, he may be able to go off lead, but will need to be trained in recall.

Seb is fantastic, full of life and fun. After his rough first few weeks, he deserves all the love he can get, in a stable, comforting home.