Adoption Updates
About This Project


“We adopted a Saluki (“Simon”) from you back in the Autumn and I just wanted to share an update.

Simon has been named Ramesses or “Rammy” to his friends and is the best thing we could have hoped for. I injured my ankle two days after adopting him and was stuck on crutches for almost a month and he was good as gold and really looked after me out on walks. He spends half his time with me at university and half his time with my other half at home in Sussex, where he goes to work with him every day and charms everyone out of half their lunches with his big grin and daft ears. He’s already a favourite patient at the local vets because he’s so cuddly and yesterday he went on his first Mountain hike with me and a friend in Wales. He loves the car, the beach and the woods and his favourite place to snooze is our bed.

His scars have healed up well and his Saluki fluff has grown out nicely. He’s gained a lot of muscle and can run for hours now (he’s faster than every dog he meets, even other Salukis) and we get stopped everywhere we go because people love the look of him. He comes out hacking with the horse and will lie with his head on your pillow watching you while you sleep.”

If you would like to follow Simon’s journey, visit his very own Instagram account here.