About This Project


Breed: Labrador x Weimaraner 

Age:  22 months

Donation: £350

  • Can live with children 14+
  • Can live with similar-sized, playful dogs
  • Cannot live with cats or small furries


Beautiful Skye first came to us as an unclaimed stray in June 2023. She was adopted shortly afterwards but unfortunately has recently found herself back under our care as her family were no longer in a position to provide her with training and excercise.


Skye exhibits traits of both labrador and Weirmeraner. She is friendly and affectionate as you would expect a Labrador to be, and bouncy, alert, inquisitive and intelligent, synonamous with the Weirmeraner breed. She is still young and technically in her ”teens”, and with such a lovely temeperament, we feel she will mature into a fantastic adult dog in the right care.

Skye is high energy, which is partly to do with her breed and partly to do with her age. She loves to play and do anything that stimulates her clever little brain. She would love to be part of an active family who understand her need for engagement and fun!
As with all intelligent breeds, she thrives under training and instruction.

Skye gets on well with all the dogs at the kennels but has a rough and boisterous play style, so house mates would need to be of a similar size and energy level. She is happy to share her toys, but is food possesive, so would need to be separated from fur friends at meal times.

Type of home

Skye would be suited to an active household to match her energy levels. She would thrive in a home were she has space to express her energy and play, or a lifestyle where she is out and about with her human.

She is a big, bouncy girl and therefore would be best suited to a family who can handle her physically, particularly on walks where she tends to pull on the lead at first when she is uber excited. She responds well to instruction once she has calmed down. Again, in a home where her stimulation needs are being met, she is likely to exhibit less and less of these ‘undersirable behaviours’.

Skye has not been tested in a home with cats, and due to her playful nature, she may chase if provoked.
Skye’s breed make excellent family pets but she would be a little too full on for small dogs and small children at this stage.

Adoption – Skye is a resident at our kennels and successful applicants will need to come and meet her here.