About This Project


Breed: Lurcher

Age: 3 years old

Donation: £300

  • Speedy can live with children 8+ 
  • Speedy can live with or without another dog. 


Speedy is a sweet, affectionate 3-year-old Lurcher who came into the rescue recently and went straight into the care of one of our fantastic foster carers.

Speedy is the most affectionate and loving boy, he’s 10% tigger and 90% sloth. Whilst he can be bouncy and energetic at times, he also adapts to the person he’s around. His confidence increases daily and his cheeky side is starting to come out. He is an expert at snoozing, sunbathing and finding the comfiest spots in the house. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and will happily move you if you’re in the best spot!

Speedy is very friendly and loves everyone he meets, he becomes especially playful around men. He is very laid back and will happily take himself off for a snooze but does need frequent reassurance so a home where someone is around most of the time is a must.

Speedy is still learning his manners, particularly around food and counter surfing so will need consistency moving forward to help break this habit.

If you are considering applying to adopt Speedy, please ensure you have thoroughly read his profile – any applications that do not meet his home specification will not be considered. Applicants must be willing to attend a meet and greet. A home check and vet reference (where applicable) will be conducted.



“Shadow has settled into the family very quickly. He has become best friends with the grandkids. The oldest likes to think he’s training him to ay fetch in the garden, 80% he returns with the ball and leaves it. Shadow has found his favourite chair, loves his cuddles and has learnt not to counter surf or jump up on little people, adults it’s 90% of the time he won’t, so still needs work. Shadow and my resident dog have become great friends. She’s told him I’m boss, bless him he even allows her to lick him dry if they have been out in the rain. On walks, if Ruby slows down, he slows down and if she sits for a quick rest, he waits patiently until she’s ready to proceed. My youngest grandson Alex and Shadow are best friends, they share cuddles and play sweetly together, even share a biscuit, when they think Grandma isn’t watching. Shadow has learnt to walk beside pushchairs where Alex can see him and touch him, chatting away, it is very cute. My son plays tumbles with Shadow and he loves it, his pretend gumble growls are heard, as they play, it’s very funny to watch, I’m not sure who loves it the most! Shadow is a very loving, caring, patient, playful sloth.”

– Speedy’s adopters