About This Project


Age: Born 22 August 2023

Breed: Collie

Donation: £300

  • Could live with or without other dogs
  • Best placed in an adult-only home
  • Cannot live with sheep
  • Needs a special, experienced home


Star arrived with us in November 2023 along with her litter mates – they had had minimal human contact and no socialisation or care at all. Although she was very traumatised when she arrived, she has made good progress in foster care.


Star is learning to trust people but is still hesitant until she gets to know you (she is particularly wary of men). Once she gets to know you she is affectionate and likes to snuggle up on the sofa. Star is very bright, intelligent and independent – she likes to do her own thing much of the time. Star walks well on a harness,. loves doing agility and her favourite activity is playing with a football in the field.

Type of home

Star is currently living on a farm and is unfortunately sheep obsessed, so she needs a home without livestock. Star needs an experienced, Collie Savvy, incredibly patient home with someone willing to put the work in and take a chance on this little dog. This is going to be a long journey for Star and we know she’ll be worth it. We think Star would be best placed in a rural area, in a home with one or two people who are around most of the time in a less busy household.


Star is in foster care in Cheddar and applicants will need to come and meet her here.