About This Project


Breed: Cavalier

Age: 5.5 years 

Donation: £200

– Must live with at least one other dog
– Needs someone home most of the time
– No cats!
Background – Suki is an ex breeding girl who his now ready to find a loving home where she can enjoy her retirement.
Character – Suki is a friendly and affectionate girl who currently enjoys being part of a multi-dog household. She’s good fun and particularly enjoys chasing a ball although won’t give it back to be thrown again!  Suki will let you know when it’s time for dinner and makes sure no cheeky cats set foot in your garden.
People – Suki is fairly confident around people and loves everyone she meets. It doesn’t matter who is doing the tickles or giving cuddles just as long as they don’t stop! Suki is fine with children but kids in the home would need to be a little older as she is quite big (for a Cavalier) and will jump up to say hello so would knock smaller children over.
Type of home – Suki definitely needs a home where someone is around most of the time. Although she currently has plenty of energy and enthusiasm for a good run on the beach adopters need to bear in mind she has a heart condition. She is fine for now but will need to slow down as this conditions progresses.
Outside of the home – Suki loves to get out and about. She’s always first in the queue to get in the car and barks excitedly while waiting her turn. She enjoys her walks and loves a run on the beach or in a secure field. Walking on a lead needs a bit more practice. She is used to a lead but is a little over enthusiastic so pulls in her excitement for adventure. In fact Suki needs a home that will be happy to work on her training generally.
Health – Like most Cavaliers as they get older, Suki suffers from Mitral Valve Disease. Suki has just reached the stage where she needs to start on heart medication. This doesn’t currently slow her down at all but adopters need to be aware of her condition.
Location – Suki is in foster care in Weston-super-Mare. Applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check, vet reference (where applicable) plus meet and greets at the foster home.