About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 9 months old

Donation: £300


    • Teddy would prefer to live with another dog
    • Teddy needs an adult only home
    • Teddy cannot live with cats

Teddy is a handsome, intelligent, playful and affectionate 10-month-old mixed breed male dog. He weighs in at only 9kgs but has a big personality.
He is housetrained, neutered and settles well at night. He gets on well with other dogs but cannot live with cats. He is happy on his lead and harness but is presently not sufficiently strong on recall to be allowed off it. Teddy sometimes forgets his manners when his food or anything he thinks might be food is on offer so will require training and firm boundaries to improve this.
We feel that he may be best suited to a home without children and may well suit a home with another playful dog.
He has had a tough start in life and deserves the best home.