About This Project


Breed: Mixed breed (Terrier)

Age: 3 years 5 months

Donation: £350


  • Terry must live with another dog
  • Terry can live with children aged 12 and over
  • Terry can live with cats and hens


Terry is a very lovely, wire-haired Fox Terrier type girl. She recently arrived with us and was lucky enough to go to a really good foster home where she has settled very well and is being a little superstar.
Terry has been excellent with all the other dogs, cats and hens in her foster home. It is surprising that, as she is obviously very much a Terrier, that she is so good with everything! Terry is young and lively but has a fantastic, biddable nature. Terry has not met young children.
We are looking for a 5-star country home for Terry, with friendly other dogs for her to play with and learn from. Terry’s past is a mystery but we surmise things have not been too bad for her as she has kept a sunny disposition.