About This Project



Breed: Bulldog

Age: 6 years old

Donation: £200


    • Tirion would prefer to live with another dog
    • Tirion can live with children aged 6 and over due to her size and play style
    • Tirion is friendly and affectionate with everyone that she meets!


Gorgeous Tirion is looking for a forever home! This lovely girl has a fantastic temperament and is loving and affectionate. Whilst Tirion enjoys her own space, she equally likes to cuddle up with her people on the sofa!
Tirion is currently living with another dog whom she loves and enjoys playing with! It would therefore be lovely to find a home with a canine friend.
Tirion does enjoy small adventures and walks very nicely on the lead but can be stubborn when she doesn’t want to walk any further! Someone with a large garden would be ideal for Tirion as she enjoys zoomies and playing with inflatable balls.
Tirion has ongoing medical needs and is receiving daily treatment including medicated baths. She also has regular vet visits to support ongoing investigations.
Tirion is fine being left for short periods of time and is generally a quiet dog.