Toby and Charlie

About This Project


Breed: Chinese Crested

Age: 15 and 11

Donation: £200 for the pair

Fantastic father, Toby, and his equally gorgeous son, Charlie, have just arrived with us following the very sad death of their owner.  Both boys have been much loved and are very VERY cute.  They are bright, super friendly and very alert.  Sadly, they are elderly.  Toby is 15 and frail with a very severe heart murmur.  Charlie is 11 – though it’s hard to believe.

At present they are with a lovely foster family for nurturing, assessing and to be given general good loving and care. They are very attached to each other so no way will we part them.   They are also used to living with other dogs. Toby has just started on heart meds so we are hoping they will have a very positive effect on him. In view of their age, no young children.