Uma(Would really like to live with Unice)

About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 16 months (estimated)

Donation: £350


  • Must live with other (neutered) dogs 



    Background – Uma came from a remote area of Wales with a couple of other Beagles. She was a little shy when she first arrived but is starting to relax in the kennel environment now.

    Character – Although Uma is still nervous to begin with she quickly warms to people and will now happily come for some fuss from staff. Uma is cheerful, excitable, loving and affectionate after a shy start. Like most Beagles she is very food orientated and if there’s an opportunity to steal food she will definitely take the chance!!

    Dogs and cats – Uma is very dog friendly and is used to living with a group of other similar dogs. She has been good with all dogs she has met in kennels and likes to play and have fun with her canine companions. Uma has not met cats while at the kennels.

    Type of home – It is likely Uma has not lived in a house before so her new family will need patience and be willing to put time and work into her training. She will undoubtedly reward you as she develops into a loving family pet, given the right time and understanding. Uma loves long walks and enjoys time playing off lead in our secure fields.

    Uma is currently at out kennels in near Wells in Somerset. Applicants must be willing to attend a meet and greet at the kennels as well as undergoing the usual home and vet reference checks (when required).