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Age: Young (see notes)

Breed: French Bulldog

Donation: £350

  • Can live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested
  • Could live with older children


Valentina came to us in February as an ex-breeding girl who is friendly but still a little unsure of the outside world.


Valentina is a total cuddle-bug and loves nothing more than sharing affection with her foster humans. She is a very chilled out character, is confident around the home and happy to snooze most of the day. She is still young and enjoying the delights of the outside world and sometimes explores with her teeth, so her adoptors will need to make sure there are suitable chew-toys available to her.

Type of home

Valentina would suit a relaxed home where she gets lots of affection. She enjoys her walks and walks well on lead, but as with all Frenchies ,would be best suited to a home where she won’t be required to walk miles and miles or do strenuous exercise.
She travels well in the car and sleeps well in her crate overnight.

Valentina has been left at home for short periods and is happy to snooze the time away, she may find something to nibble on so best left somewhere secure.

Valentina came from a breeding premises with other dogs and is friendly with dogs that she meets on walks. She could possibly live in a home with other dogs however she likes to be the centre of her humans attention and does try to steal food from other pets, so careful introductions would be required.

She is a gentle but fairly nervous dog who could possbly live with older, dog-savvy children.

Valentina is new to living in a home so will need her adopters to continue her toilet training.


Valentina was reported to be around a year old when she arrived in rescue, but our vets feel she may be closer to 3-4 years old. Valentina has had some ear conditions (Bilateral external otitis) which will need ongoing management. Valentina also has a spinal issue picked up on X-Rays which is very common in Frenchies, Valentina has been assessed by a pain specialist vet who concluded this is not currently affecting her quality of life and agrees that she is a suitable candidate for adoption.

Valentina is in foster care in Portishead and the successful applicants will need to meet her here.