About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 4 years old 

Donation: £400


  • Could live with male dogs
  • Can live with children 8+
  • Could live with confident cats


Background – Victor was rescued back in 2022 having come from a breeder and was quickly adopted, but very sadly his adopter suddenly passed away and so he found himself back at Dogs Friends.


Character – Victor is a typical Frenchie with a boisterous play style and affectionate for cuddles. He is mischievous and will pinch your slippers off your feet, not to chew them but to start a game of chase!  He will settle in a dog bed but much prefers the settee. He has not chewed anything but if any food hits the ground it’s his! Victor loves playing with dog toys and enjoys a game of tug. He has also been learning puzzle games whilst in foster.  Victor loves his walks, will sit nicely to have his harness put on and he trots at a nice pace with no excessive pulling whilst on lead. Victor also travels well in the car.


With other dogs – In foster he is living with two other dogs and he is happy with visiting dogs coming into the home. He does however have a boisterous play style and could only be homed with confident male dogs. Although neutered Victor pesters girl dogs (even those that are neutered) and will carry out an elaborate dance for them before trying to hump them. Naturally the girlies are not very impressed so we will not rehome him where there is a girl dog. Outside of the home he is not bothered by other dogs but does not like them approaching him and will snap if they get in his face.


Type of home – Victor could adapt to most homes as long as he is given cuddles, stimulation and play time. Due to play style would recommend 8+ for any children in the home.


Adoption – Victor is in foster care in Downend, near Bristol and applicants will need to come and meet him here.