About This Project


Breed: Beagle

Age: 3 years

Donation: £350


  • Vixen must live with other dogs
  • Very nervous and would prefer a quiet home
  • Vixen has not been cat tested
    Background: Vixen, a pretty, 3 year old, cream, wire haired beagle, arrived with us in December 2021 from a small hunting pack as she had no interest in working. She was so frightened that nobody could touch her but over the months she has become much more confident and greets all the kennel staff by bounding over for fuss with a wagging tail. She has recently moved to a foster home to begin her life in a house, and is now ready to find her forever family.

    Character: Vixen is extremely nervous around new people but once she gets to know you she shows her true personality: sweet, loving, affectionate, playful and cheeky! She walks well on lead and is slowly learning to love walks with her canine pals, beagle nose to the ground the whole way!

    Dogs and cats: Vixen has always been part of a pack and must live with a canine role model to show her the ropes and help build her confidence. She has learnt a lot from her foster brother and feels most at ease when he is around. She is not cat tested but we wouldn’t really trust a hunting dog to not chase!

    Training: Vixen is very clean in the house but toilet training is new, so accidents should be expected. She sleeps in her crate at night which doubles up as her safe space during the day when needed, though she usually prefers to stretch out on the sofa when she’s comfortable in her surroundings.

    Type of home: Due to her fear of new people and lack of early socialisation, Vixen would prefer a quiet, rural home where she can decompress and grow at her own pace. She is an energetic working breed and so needs a family who can provide her with plenty of exercise, stimulation, training and play once she’s settled in. Whilst she is very friendly and gentle, she would be worried by too much noise and movement, so would be better suited to older children (12+) and a smaller family unit rather than a busy household. She will need a secure garden and very kind, sensible adopters who can allow her the time and space she needs for her personality to shine through.