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Breed: Mixed breed (37.2kg)

Age: 4 years

Donation: £300

  • Whitey would like to live with other dogs
  • Can live with children 13+
  • Is not cat tested

Background: Whitey came from an overseas rescue, and has been a resident at our kennels since Spring 2021. This fabulous boy has made so much progress and is completely transformed from the confused boy that arrived with us. After a significant adjustment time he was lucky enough to find himself in a wonderful foster home to experience living indoors for the first time.

Character: Whitey is a happy and very loving boy who has quickly settled into home life. He gets really excited to see you and does a happy dance from side to side to greet you in the morning! He likes to spend his days having long naps (he really likes to sleep a lot!), tummy rubs, is slightly food obsessed (as soon as the fridge opens he comes running over) and has been very good and friendly on walks. Despite not living in a home before he moved into foster, he is incredibly well behaved. He is already toilet trained, well behaved around food, can follow commands like sit and wait and can also be left on his own.

Dogs, cats and children: Whitey loves other dogs and so would prefer to live with a playmate, though he finds puppies and adolescent dogs a bit annoying, so is better suited to an older dog. He could live as an only dog in the right home as he loves his humans. He is good both on and off lead with with medium energy levels. Whitey has no experience with young children but is very good natured, so we think he’d be fine with sensible, older children. He has not been cat tested so cannot live with cats.

Ideal home: Whitey has turned into a fabulous, good boy, but he has had an unsettled past so pet life is still very new to him. As such he needs a kind and patient home with a family who can give him time to slowly discover how wonderful it is to be loved.