William and Wilma

About This Project

William and Wilma

Breed: Terriers 

DOB: 14 years 

Donation: £400 as a pair 


  • Looking for a quiet home


Background – William and Wilma were adopted from us years ago and have been dearly loved, but very very sadly their adoptive Mum passed away and so the family returned them to us. Despite being 14 years of age, they have taken this in their stride and done well in foster – most likely because they have each other.

Character – They are sweet little terriers who care for each other with love and loyalty. William and Wilma love their walks and William particularly comes to life. William adores affection and cuddles especially, whilst Wilma is a quiet matriarch.

Type of home – The two enjoy a quiet way of life and would most likely be best suited to older, retired folks who still enjoy a walk, or a quiet couple/single person. They would probably find young dogs and children a bit much!

Adoption – The dogs must absolutely not be split and will be looking for a happy home together. They are in foster care in Portishead and applicants must meet them here.