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Breed: Kelpie 

Age: 3 years

Donation: £300

Background – Wizz has been at our kennels since June 2022 and has made fantastic progress, she now has formed positive bonds with her carers at the kennels whereas she used to cower at the back of the kennel in fear.

Character – Wizz is nervous but friendly and sweet, she just needs time to settle around new humans.

Type of home – Wizz would prefer an adult home with humans who don’t expect too much of her and who are happy to give her space until she can accept their love.

Dogs and Cats – Wizz is used to being around lots of dogs and has no issue with them, as long as she is fed separately as she cannot share food and gets a tad grumpy!

Specific needs – Wizz is not lead trained yet and needs a safe and secure garden where she can enjoy the outdoors without having to be harnessed up etc.