We’ve been asked to share this message –

Hi there, can I ask for your help please?

I’m working with a friend trying to find two Border Terriers, stolen from the Scottish Borders in December last year.

Pet Scanner have advised us that on the 15th August at 17.16pm, Beetle’s microchip number was run through the chip checker tool on the Identibase website.  And then again at 17.17pm.  After 8 months of searching, it was a glimmer of hope for the Bell family.  But unfortunately, Identibase don’t record the IP address that these searches come from.

Only a handful of people have the dog’s chip numbers so the question lies with, who has her number?, Who ran it through a chip checker? and Why didn’t they look into it further?.  Beetle is registered as stolen.

One option is that she has been taken to a rescue centre, which is why we are writing to you.  Please can you check your records to see if any Border Terriers were in your centre on 15th August?

Even if they haven’t, please can we ask that you keep an eye out for any border terriers that you come across in the near future.  Someone checked Beetle for a reason.

I’ve attached a poster which we would appreciate if you could display physically and on your website and Facebook page.  The reward money has been raised to £10,000.

Thank you SO, SO much for your help.

0751 515 6419