About This Project


Breed: Bulldog

Age: 1 years old

Amy arrived at Dogs Friends in January 2022 and we are determined for this year to be a turning point in her life. Amy captured many hearts when she arrived – the first picture showed a very sad dog who had been massively let down – she has a multitude of health needs that have been causing her so much pain in her short life – dental issues, suspected hip dysplasia and luxating patella, ear and skin infections and diamond eye. How a dog can endure such excruciating pain for so long is beyond comprehension.

Despite this, Amy has a sunny disposition and absolutely adores people – we hope that this means that over time we can show her that humans can be kind. In order to help Amy live a comfortable life, she is going to require multiple surgeries over a period of time to alleviate her pain and improve her mobility and comfort.




These beautiful photographs were taken by the friendly and professional Sam Vaughan Stephens. If you would like to follow her account or book a photoshoot, you can contact Sam on Facebook.