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About This Project


Breed: Collie

Age: 5 years

Donation: £300


  • Arnie needs training
  • Arnie must be the only dog in the home
  • Cannot live with children


Background: 5 year old, tri-colour collie boy Arnie has had a difficult few years as his elderly owner has struggled to manage his boundless border collie energy. As a result, he’s not been as well socialised, stimulated or exercised as his breed type requires and needs a new home where his needs can be better met.

Character: Arnie is a happy and friendly, typical collie, though he can be a little shy when he first meets you, but soon warms up and bounces up for cuddles. He walks well on lead and ignores traffic and people, though he gets overexcited when meeting dogs and can bark and lunge. He’s been working with a behaviourist who has been helping teach him to focus on his person instead of passing dogs and is making good progress.

Animals and children: Due to his over excitement around dogs, Arnie needs to be the only dog in the home until he’s learnt some manners. He cannot live with children as this would be overwhelming for him. He has not been cat tested but has previously lived happily with a rabbit.

Ideal home: Arnie is looking for a working breed savvy home where he can decompress and have proper routine, training, exercise and stimulation. He will need a little work, but he has the foundations to become a fantastic boy in the right home.