Betsi – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Cockapoo (6kg)

Age: 5 years 

Donation: £300


  • Can live with other dogs, no cats
  • Betsi needs a sensible, adult only home


Background – Betsi arrived with us nearly three months ago, she is a 4 years old black Poodle x Spaniel and weighs just under 6 kilos. Betsi was the much loved companion to an elderly person but sadly that person became too poorly to look after Betsi so the little dog came to us.  Betsi had obviously received little training or guidance – just lots of love and freedom to do as she pleased.

Betsi quickly went to a Foster home.  Very sadly things didn’t work out well so Betsi was recently returned to us.  The foster carers did not have the time to work with Betsi regarding her training and nurturing. She was very sad to be back here in a kennel, so much so that she stopped eating and seem to lose her sparkles.   She’s been to our vets for a good check over and, after giving her tempting,  luxury dog food,  she’s perked up now and is starting to put the lost weight back on again.
Character – Betsi is generally very loving and adores attention – she will paw at your hand to rub her tummy and would happily spend all day sat on your lap. Betsi is so happy when the volunteers come and sit in her kennel with her – you’re usually greeted with plenty of kisses before she settles down for a nap on your lap. Betsi loves other dogs and can be very playful – meeting other dogs out on her walks is the highlight of her day.

Type of home – Betsi needs a kind and sensible home.  Betsi is fine to be left home alone for a few hours at a time, but when you are home she of course wants nothing more than to be curled up on your lap. Betsi also travels well in the car so would be happy to join her humans for adventures!

Dogs – Betsi loves other dogs and might like a pooch pal or two to help show her the ropes. When she goes out on walks she loves to say hello to other dogs – usually by prancing around on her back paws!

Specific needs – Betsi is incredibly friendly and craves affection, but she doesn’t like cats or young children apparently! Our dog trainer who has been working with Betsi,  agrees she is a super bright, sensitive soul who, in the right, sensible home, will absolutely thrive!!!!

Adopting – Betsi is currently living at our kennels in Somerset and applicants must be in our catchment area. Please read our adoptions page before applying.