Bonny and Kizzy

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Bonny and Kizzy

Breed: SBT

Estimated DOB’s: 05/12/2014

Donation: £450 (Pair)

Background: Bonnie and Kizzy arrived with us recently in a bit of a pickle – they were undernourished and with skin problems. They went into foster care together with a lovely new foster carer and they have settled so well. They are inseparable and go everywhere together so an adoptive home together is a must.

Foster Dad Chris has provided the below write up:

The girls are both very lovely but do have different personalities. If one is going to get in mischief it will likely be Bonnie and if one wants to cuddle up it will be Kizzy (though Bonnie will soon be over to make sure she gets attention to).

Both are very energetic and love walks, although strong on lead (bonnie mostly) they are manageable. They both interact well with people but initially pull hard on lead to get to them and can be a bit much for some with their  exuberant greetings.

Meeting other dogs is much the same as people, they are so excited and pulling and barking to meet and greet that often other owners will pull their dogs away or the other dogs will back off. I have meet with a friend with her 2 dogs and after the initial excitement the socialise well but a slow introduction works best to dissipate their energy.

Both Bonnie and Kizzy have very minimal training, they have NO road sense at all and although their foster carer has been working on recall (vocal and dog whistle) if they are to excited or engrossed in something else when out and about they will still mostly ignore you. In a more controlled area like the garden , house or enclosed field their recall is now pretty good.

They both enjoy a good fuss but neither of them seem to play with toys. Though they do love a snuffle mat or kong and will play find the treat all day. They will on occasion eat the mail if it isn’t picked up swiftly and overnight a cushion may suddenly all by itself become a fluff bomb. But as far as destructive behaviour goes 2 cushions and a couple of xmas cards are pretty good in my books!

I have found wheat free works best with Bonnie when it comes to food, as she has a tendency to be sick after meals if wheat is in them. They are both fast eaters and a slow eat bowl has worked wonders for both.

Bonnie can be a little bit of a bully at food times but I found keeping the bowls a few feet apart works for the most part.

Both came to me with a lot of hair loss on their backs and rear legs etc with Bonnie being the worst of them. Flaky skin and sores from a bad irritation and I have been using a tea tree oil balm and fish oil supplements along with better nutrition and grooming! Kizzy has a very big improvement with lots of new hair growth and coat and skin in a much better condition. Still some more hair growth to go but is so much better!

Bonnie has had a massive improvement on skin condition but the hair loss was much more advanced and is taking longer to improve. She also has lots of skin folds and these will need keeping an eye on as they will likely get sore if ignored.