About This Project


Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 8 years old

Donation: To be discussed

  • Brody needs a quiet adult home and can live with older teenagers
  • Brody needs continuing veterinary treatment
  • Brody needs regular but limited exercise
  • Ideally, Brody would be an only dog but could live with another older friendly one


Brody is a gentle dog who loves contact with his humans, happy to snuggle up on a sofa with his head on a lap. If you stop stroking him, he will give you a nudge to continue!

Being a more mature dog, he is taken out on gentle lead walks so as not to hinder his back problems. He walks well on a lead and does not pull.

He would prefer to have a family with much older children who can give him the space he needs and to be the only dog to be loved. He gets on with other dogs but would prefer to be the sole dog in his future family.

He does love balls but can be quite possessive of them!

Brody deserves to be cared for by people who are home most of the day in order to give him the love he needs. He will make a lovely family pet and bring much love.