About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 5.5 years old

Donation: £300

  • Buster would prefer to live with children but they need to be 6+
  • Buster can live with another confident dog who likes to play
  • Buster has ongoing health conditions so may need physiotherapy and further treatment in the

    There are so many wonderful things to say about Buster, that’s it hard to fit into one profile! This special soul came to us as an ex-stud dog and quickly slotted into the family home where he has blossomed. It is now time for him to move on and so we are looking for a kind, fun-loving family who can give Buster the wonderful life he deserves.

    Buster adores his people, especially the children, and loves nothing more than alternating between cuddling and playing. Considering this, Buster would prefer to live in a family household where there are children and an adult around for most of the day. Due to his boisterous play style, children in the household must be over 6. Buster does also travel well in the car and so would enjoy being included in family adventures!

    Although his breed and health means that Buster must be careful not to overdo it, he loves his walks and currently enjoys an hour a day of walking, as well as plenty of zoomies. Buster has some ongoing health needs which will be discussed with any potential adopters.