About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: TBA

Donation:  £250

Chuff is a lovely, 22 kgs black and tan young dog.  He seems to have had an accident at some time and is rather wonky in his back legs.  Our vet suggested that he goes to a comfortable, sensible foster home where he can be kept warm and comfortable while he is assessed.  We are lucky that we have managed to get him in to a lovely home where all this can happen.  He will go back to our vets in 4 weeks and his legs will be re-assessed.  Hopefully, he will improve.  If not, x-rays, etc will be done. This dog is so good, brave and gentle.  He really deserves a great forever home – when we have more information about his prognosis.   Chuff has probably never lived in a  home before but he is very bright and will learn quickly. He is currently being fostered near Axbridge.