About This Project


Breed: Jack Russell Terrier 

Age: 11 years old

Donation: £200

  • Cooper is very people friendly 
  • Cooper must be the only dog
  • Cooper needs an adult only household
  • Cooper should have some one home all day for company


Super cute Cooper is a small Jack Russell who will be 12 in August. He is absolutely lovely and very people friendly.

Cooper has been very much loved but unfortunately his owner has had to change their job recently which has resulted in Cooper being left for long periods of time each day. Cooper was not happy with this so, for his sake, it was decided he deserves a home where someone is at home most of the time.

Cooper is not keen on babies or little children so we are looking for an adult only home for him. Cooper is also not keen on other dogs sniffing or pestering him so must be the only dog.  An ideal home for Cooper would be in a quieter area with a big garden.