Daisy and Suki

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Daisy and Suki

Breed: Beagle x Cavalier and Cavalier

Age: 2 and 6

Donation: £600

To be homed as a pair

Can live with children 10 plus

No cats

Would prefer someone home most of the time

Background – Daisy and Suki came in to Dogs Friends at the end of last year from breeding establishments. Daisy hasn’t had any puppies but Suki is known to have had a number of litters before being retired. Although they came in separately this lovely pair have bonded while in foster care together. We had initially planned to home them separately but it has now become clear they would like to stay with one another.

Character – Both the girls are full of character and their loving personalities are bound to quickly capture the hearts of whoever is lucky enough to adopt them. Daisy is full of mischief and will steal the pens off your desk or chew your slippers if you leave them unattended. Suki will let you know when it’s time for dinner and make sure that no cheeky cats set foot in your garden. They will happily snuggle up together if you’re busy working but love to cuddle on your lap when they get the chance.

People – Daisy can be a little shy on first meeting new people and can be wary of children. She is very kind and gentle so wouldn’t hurt anyone but can just be a little hesitant to say hello. Suki is more confident and loves everyone. It doesn’t matter who is doing the tickles or giving the cuddles just so long as they don’t stop!

Type of home – Daisy and Suki would like a home where someone is around most of the time. Both girls need more training so someone with the time and patience to do this is essential. They love to run on the beach and are always ready for a trip out in the car. Daisy would benefit from a fairly active home. Suki is currently pretty active but, being a little more mature in years, won’t always be able to keep up with the lively youngster!

Dogs and Cats – Suki is really not keen on cats so definitely no moggies please. They are currently happily living in a multi dog household but would be fine just as a pair.

Outside of the home – The girls love walks. They enjoy a blast on the beach or in a secure field. Daisy’s zoomies are something to behold. Lead walking needs a little more practice – they can pull a bit and don’t always go in the same direction!

Health – Daisy came in to rescue with a damaged eye. After extensive treatment and specialist vet appointments it was clear the eye couldn’t be saved. It has now been removed and she is managing absolutely fine without it. Her remaining eye needs regular drops but these are inexpensive over the counter ones. As is common in Cavaliers, Suki has a heart murmur but doesn’t currently need any medication.

Location – Daisy and Suki are in foster care in Weston-super-Mare. Applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check, vet reference (where applicable) plus meet and greets at the foster home.