About This Project

Breed: Bulldog

Age:  c. 5 years

Donation: £200.

Doris is a medium sized Bulldog type. Her legs and nose are longer than a typical English Bulldog; this should be better for her health. She is believed to have had a difficult life prior to coming to Dogs Friends and may have had a litter of puppies. She was very nervous when she arrived but has become more confident while in foster and has really started to come alive.  She takes treats really gently, loves playing in the fields and is very well mannered.  She has been said to need to be the alpha female and she worries other females, although she has done nothing to hurt any other dog. She is friendly with male dogs. She is very affectionate with most people and likes a fuss. She was spayed recently with no adverse side effects.  Sorry we don’t know  how she is with children so we can’t re-home where there are young children.