Elf and Bramble

About This Project

Elf and Bramble 

Breed: Collie’s

Age: 11 and 12 years 

Donation: TBC 

Lovely collies, boy Bramble and girl Elf, were adopted when they were both juniors, from us by a lovely lady about ten years ago.  They are been very much loved and have had a great life but very sadly, the lady died last week so these two great dogs are looking for a wonderful retirement home. They have been so adored and it is really important to us that we find them a good home as this is what their Mum would have wanted.

When first rescued, Bramble was found on a mountain in the Brecon Beacons, trapped in brambles! Hence his name! He is a large, rangy, tri coloured boy and is a total gentleman. Tiny little Elf was adopted a little later, she was an unwanted and very nervous ‘pet’ girl.  The dogs both attended regular training and agility classes and went on frequent pack walks, which they loved.
Sadly, now they are senior dogs (Bramble is 11 and Elf, 12) they need a quieter, more relaxed life.  Bramble is on heart meds as he has a well controlled heart murmur, whilst Elf is on treatment for some arthritis.
They deserve a five star country home with a good garden and comfortable beds.  They have spent most the of the last year or so here whilst their lady was in hospital.  It is a great sorrow that she did not get well enough to have her beloved pair back with her.