About This Project


Breed: Greyhound

Age: 4

Donation: £200

Elvis is a very handsome, black and white, retired racing Greyhound.  He came to us just before lockdown and was  lucky enough to have spent the time since then in a lovely foster home.  His foster family have worked very hard to give guidance, training and confidence to Elvis.  In return, he has thrived.

Elvis has learnt a lot from the senior canine he has been living with and would love a home with another large dog that is young enough to play with him. He is pretty perfect, quiet, gentle, funny, bomb proof with everything, even dogs barking and growling up close,  loves to play ball – his inner puppy is emerging. But his life has led him to have a high prey drive, so little dogs, cats and rabbits would NOT be a good idea.

Elvis is now ready to find a lovely, kind, forever home. He would be happiest with someone being home most of the time, ambling on walks together (2 x 30 minutes is ample), lying on sofas together and being someones buddy. He is house trained (just an occasional accident when anxious), crate trained and excellent on the lead – all thanks to the work his foster family have done with him. They describe him as an all round good egg!