Fifi – Applications Closed

About This Project


Breed: Cavachon

Age: 18/03/2019 (est.)

Donation: £300


  • Fifi needs to live with another calm dog who can act as a guide dog
  • Fifi can live with calm children aged 3+
  • Fifi has not been cat tested but we suspect she would be perfectly fine

Background – Fifi arrived in our care after being used for breeding. We are unsure of how many litters she may have had but we suspect there were several as her little body was in rather poor shape. Fifi arrived terribly matted and unable to see but against all the odds she has truly blossomed in the care of a very loving and dedicated foster family.
Character – Fifi is the sweetest dog you could possibly meet – she is gentle, kind and incredibly brave. Fifi could be forgiven for not trusting humans but she is a very special girl who have happily shared her love with everyone she meets.
People and children – Fifi enjoys being fussed and would love a home where she can have a stable and kind companion without too much time on her own. If she goes to a home with children, they will need to be gentle and able to listen to adult instructions about looking after this special girl.
Dogs and cats – Fifi has excellent canine skills, but would not like to live with a very energetic dog as she is a lady of leisure who enjoys a quiet life. Fifi is not cat tested but may be able to live with cats with careful introduction.
Health – Fifi is partially blind and it is likely the case that over time she will become completely blind – Fifi also requires daily eye drops which are vital to ensure her eye does not become painful. It is hard to tell how much vision Fifi has at the moment – she often walks into things but equally is able to find you and can press her nose up against your face when she wants to say hello. Due to her loss of vision, she will need a guide dog – a calm and gentle dog who can help her find her way in terms of both navigation and confidence. At the moment Fifi is reluctant to walk around in spaces she doesn’t know but as soon as she learns the layout will trot along happily and loves to explore the garden independently.
Specific needs – Fifi will have a high maintenance coat that will require brushing and regular professional grooming. Fifi also gets incredibly car sick which can be distressing for her as she attempts to hide her vomit, therefore would prefer a home where she will not need to regularly travel in the car. Fifi will also need a home with people who are mindful of the needs of blind dogs (we can help with this), for example always ensuring her bed and food are in the same place and avoiding moving furniture etc.
Adoption process – Fifi is in foster care in Bristol and applicants must be willing to have a home check, vet reference check and visit Fifi in her foster home.