About This Project


Breed: Collie

Age: 4 years old

Donation: £300

  • Ideally, Florence would be the only dog but could probably live with an older calmer dog
  • Florence needs someone who is willing to continue working on her training and confidence building
  • Florence would like a large garden or countryside home


Florence is a lovely, sweet, people-friendly dog. She has an old injury to one of her hind legs which has been checked and X-rayed. The vet says it looks like an old break that was never set. It doesn’t seem to be causing her any issues currently but new owners would need to be aware that there is a possibility it may cause her problems in the future. If the health of the foot can’t be maintained there is a possibility the leg may need amputating.

Florence likes to play and is clever and quick at learning new commands. Easy to walk on the lead. She loves to go on walks but likes to say hello to all of the other dogs. She still needs help building her confidence when encountering new sights, sounds, people and places.

Her foster carers think she would be fine with an older calmer dog or could live on her own with family and sensible children.

Florence is very food orientated and needs to be fed on her own. She needs someone who is willing to continue her training. She appears to be house trained but new owners should expect the occasional accident when she moves to a new home.