George and Riley

About This Project

George and Riley

Breed: Chugs

Age: 5 years

Donation: £450


  • Can live with other dogs
  • Cannot live with cats
  • Adult only home


George and Riley are brothers who are very much loved and well cared for, but sadly their owner has become too unwell to care for them and has asked us to help find them a new home. The boys are currently in foster care where they are described as ‘sweet and love cuddles/

The boys can be left for short periods of time but are real companion dogs who love cuddles and would prefer someone who wouldn’t leave them all day. They enjoy a walk and get very excited when heading out, as long as it’s not raining – for the first few minutes of their walks they can be slightly reactive but this soon calms down and they then walk nicely! Their current guardian feels that they would be happier in a home without children (especially as Riley growls sometimes), but they may be able to live with other dogs with gentle introductions.

They are reported to be lovely dogs, and so we are keen to urgently find them a fantastic home together!