Grace Brown

About This Project

Grace Brown

Breed: Cross breed

Age: est. 8

Donation: £200 

Grace has found a new lease of life in foster care and is now ready to move on to her new home. Grace has come on leaps and bounds, developing a greater sense of confidence and even playfulness, a completely different dog compared to when she initially came into rescue.


Grace is looking for a home where she can enjoy walks (she currently enjoys 3km-5km per day) and adventures, but where she can also have some quiet time to sunbathe and nap. Grace is generally very friendly, placid and amenable but needs a home with consistent boundaries.

Grace needs a home without children or other animals and would like a home with a secure garden as she loves to be outside.

Grace has an issue with home guarding but this can easily be managed by moving her to another room when there are guests in the home. Grace is very amenable to this but would prefer a home that didn’t have too many regular visitors.