Grace Brown

About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: est. 8

Donation:  £250

Originally listed in error as Bella Brown (passport confusion), Grace was  rescued from a public shelter (aka Killing Station) in Romania, and then spent many years in a sanctuary waiting for a forever home. In her passport she is said to be 12 years old, but we are confident that this is an error and the vet estimates her to be about 8. She came to us quite a bit  overweight (about 35kg) and is dieting; we would expect her to end up at under 30kg. She has accepted the diet with equanimity and has adjusted to life with a fosterer extraordinarily quickly. She is such a nice dog –  sweet, gentle, kind, clean in the house.  She does expect other dogs to treat her with respect! Walks beautifully on and off the lead – no pulling, good recall. No faults identified although shy of traffic. (No experience of her with children or cats.)  She likes treats and is very willing, so will be easy to train although it’s hardly necessary, she is so good already.