Jimmy and Pipi

About This Project

Jimmy and Pipi

Breed: Maltese

Age: TBC

Donation: £500 (Pair)

  • Can live with other (neutered) dogs
  • Not cat tested
  • Can live with children 5+


This father and son duo recently arrived with us when their loving owner sadly became too unwell to care for them. The boys have settled very well into their lovely foster home where they happily live with another pooch pal. They are used to living in a home environment and have coped well with the recent change in their lives.

Their foster Mum Belinda has provided the below write up:

Jimmy the larger of the pair is very friendly and loves to have his tummy rubbed, he does jump up against people to get their attention and tends to be a bit pushy towards Pippi when it comes to getting attention, he will shove Pippi aside to be first to get a treat or get a cuddle. Jimmy doesn’t seem to like the the dark so at bedtime having a torch handy is useful!

Pippi is quite nervous when he meets people for the first time but with patience will soon be as cuddly as his dad, in fact he spends most of his time on his foster’s lap now he is used to them. He does have this endearing habit of sitting up on his back legs to ask for something, be it a lap to sit on or a treat.

Unfortunately at the moment both boys are clipped right back because they were both fairly matted but their hair will soon grow back; while being groomed both boys were very scared but neither of them showed any sign of aggression which shows what lovely boys they are.

They walk fairly well on lead although if Jimmy can pull a bit initially, Pippi will bark at other dogs, it is not an aggressive bark but one that says “ hello I’m here” they don’t heel but tend to just trot along in front of you without pulling; they are sociable towards other dogs when meeting them but don’t have much training at all sit or down for example, as they are fairly young dogs they will learn quite quickly but will do come when called especially when there is a treat going!

Jimmy is a bit insecure and does follow his foster parent everywhere but Pippi doesn’t, both boys will cry a bit when left but soon quieten down when their foster parent is out of sight. T To summarise: these sweet boys want only love and to be loved somewhere in their forever home, they will make wonderful companions to someone who can give them the care, love and attention they so desperately deserve.