Koby and Kira

About This Project

Koby and Kira

Breed: Pugs

Age: 3 (almost DoB 02/07/17)

Donation: £500 for the pair

Kira and Koby’s fosterer reports:

Both ex puppy farm breeders and two peas in a pod. Husband and wife (or perhaps  brother and sister) and very much in love with each other so need to go as a pair. Kira is slightly older than Koby and calmer whereas Koby loves to play and is very cheeky. Both love to chill out and cuddle up on the sofa. They have learnt about family life and cracked toilet training and lead walking quickly and with much excitement.

They love life and are both extremely loving and loyal pups. Can live with dogs, cats and living with an 8 year old child. No experience with younger children.

Whoever adopts these pair will get so much love and reward from them joining their family.