Lady Bear

About This Project

Lady Bear

Breed: Wheaten Terrier type

Age: 2 (DoB 02/07/18)

Donation: £200


Lady Bear is a soft coated Wheaten Terrier type, weighing about 15 kg. She was rescued from kennels at Heathrow (we don’t have the details) and then brought to us on Christmas Eve.

She has a medium length very curly almost white coat. There are a few small golden patches as if she’s walked under some wet gold paint.

She is very human friendly, playful, affectionate, energetic, agile and strong. She walks well but is wary of other dogs and, if she doesn’t like them, may pull very hard to get at them. She has been seen to ignore cats. She is very food orientated, which should help in the training she will need.

She is looking for a home as a single dog, where there will be plenty of activity and she will  be guided by a firm, but gentle, hand. With these, she will be a wonderful friend.